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How about introducing Skyworth TV 55h5m? Is it really 4K? What screen is used

Skyworth TV 55 inch hot selling TV recommendation: skyworth/Skyworth 55h5m 55 inch 4K high-definition intelligent network full screen LCD flat-panel TV, which is a popular model with a full screen. The overall situation of the current industry has been improved compared with the previous period. It is a 4K product that was launched in September 2018. Let's take a look at the experience of this Skyworth 55h5m TV compared with ordinary building fiber fires, and the detailed configuration parameters and user comments on its advantages and disadvantages, Maybe you can choose Skyworth TV 55h5m for your friends who need it

I. Skyworth TV 55h5m hands-on experience:

the image quality of this Skyworth TV 55h5m TV is really good. My friend's family is using this Skyworth TV 55h5m. He said that the playback is very clear and recommended it to me. Later, he started this Skyworth TV 55h5m. Now the TV is really advanced and has voice intelligence. You can operate the TV by pressing the voice key on the remote control. It's not convenient when the special cast iron test piece is compressed. It's better when tmall Genie arrives, The color is also lifelike, the definition is very good, and the delivery is faster. The next day, it will be delivered to the door and installed at the same time. There is no need to wait. The service is very good SKYWORTH 55h5m latest quotation and evaluation of advantages and disadvantages

II. Skyworth TV 55h5m detailed configuration parameters:

III. Skyworth TV 55h5m user comments advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: the 55 inch 4K hard screen is delicate, the color is pure, the mainstream software and hardware configuration can easily serve as the audio-visual center at home, the operation platform is simple, and the waste foam granulator is rich in practical resources for Enterprises above the production range of foam granulator. AI intelligent operation makes it smarter and more convenient

disadvantages: there is slight light leakage, which needs to be improved. There is no optical fiber audio interface, which is now the mainstream TV and audio interface

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