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Start with amazfit smart sports watch 3+ fluororubber watch feeling and price configuration evaluation

amazfit smart sports watch 3+ fluororubber watch this is a new product launched in 2019. Drag your internal friends to buy one first to experience the feeling of the new watch. This update is much more convenient than the second generation sports watch. The second generation needs to connect WiFi by itself. This product can be automatically updated by opening the app directly, which is too convenient! It feels much lighter than the 2nd generation. Moreover, the watch is very thin and the leather is also very comfortable. I like black, which meets my requirements very much. The screen is indeed high-definition, much better than the second generation pixels, and the heart rate interface is also very good-looking. More functions need to be explored

amazfit smart sports watch 3+ more user comments on advantages and disadvantages "for your comparison

I Price quotation of amazfit smart sports watch 3+ fluororubber Watch:

amazfit smart sports watch 3+ fluororubber strap huami outdoor GPS positioning running swimming healthy multifunctional heart rate waterproof Bracelet

[at the price] 1399.00 yuan for more practical testing needs

[post coupon price] 1389.00 yuan


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II. Amazfit smart if the rotation direction is opposite, sports watch 3+ fluororubber table configuration parameters:

as expected, I was not disappointed. The first impression is very good, very light, comfortable to wear, and the display is very delicate. At this stage, the dial is less, I hope it can be updated as soon as possible, and the horizontal sliding is not very smooth, I hope it can be optimized in the future. So at this time, we should even contact the manufacturer to see the function of a Xiaomi bracelet. The non wearing state is automatically locked, and then optimize the sensitivity of the wrist lifting bright screen, which is perfect. In general, it's very good, relatively satisfied, so we suggest more. Wait-and-see friends suggest that we can start with it, and the cost performance is very high

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