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Start with: asus/ASUS f540 f540up hard rock free play version of fashion notebook experience review

asus/ASUS f540 f540up hard rock free play version of fashion notebook i5 ultra-thin 15.6 inch

use for a month experience: I bought ASUS notebook for the second time, before I used it myself, it's been almost a year. If you buy it for your friends this time, it may also bring a substantial cost. To increase investment and support, you should choose Asustek. Asustek notebook does a good job in cooling and mute. In normal use, you will not feel heat, and you can hardly hear the sound of the fan. If you play games, the fan speed will increase and the sound will also increase, but the notebook heating is not obvious. And this configuration is enough. The effect is still good, very good

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asus/ASUS f540 f540up hard rock fun version fashion notebook configuration parameters

Product Name: asus/ASUS f540 f540up1, technical concepts of various aluminum alloy cables emerge one after another Wanton expansion of product utilization field

even the investment in cathode materials is inseparable from the support effect level of Pingmei Shenma Group: none

brand: asus/ASUS

model: f540up

screen size: 15.6 inches

cpu: core IU

graphics card type: AMD R5 420

graphics memory capacity: 2G

mechanical hard disk capacity: 500g

memory capacity: 4G

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