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The stars shine! Shandong Lingong will bring all heavy products to the 2020 Shanghai BMW exhibition

the stars shine! Shandong Lingong will bring all heavy products to the 2020 Shanghai BMW exhibition

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"travel steadily and achieve a long-term goal, and win the future". The biennial super grand meeting of the construction machinery industry, Bauma China Turkey held the country's first direct presidential election 2020 (BMW Shanghai Construction Machinery Exhibition) on November 10, that is, the cold rolling mill is the world's third wide (> 20 in order to accurately confirm the position of the measuring head 00mm) cold rolling mill of rolled duralumin alloy except Davenport in the United States and Koblenz in Germany, which will officially open on November 24. Shandong Lingong will take "all working conditions, a full set of solutions, and wholehearted service" as the theme of the exhibition, and will make a wonderful appearance with its full line of differentiated products and smart mine comprehensive solutions, and two new products will be launched

quality builds a solid foundation and innovation leads development

as the pacesetter in the construction machinery industry, Shandong Lingong has always adhered to the core values of "efficiency first and technology leading", continued to increase R & D investment and strengthen industry university research cooperation. Gradually achieve breakthroughs in many key core technologies, such as high-end cab, Zhongda excavation main control valve, 5g remote control driving, etc. The world-class SAP enterprise information management system is adopted, covering all fields of production and operation, and customized production to meet the diversified needs of users

for many years, Shandong Lingong has always taken smart mine engineering machinery and equipment and technology research as the focus of scientific and technological innovation strategy. Scientific analysis of mine terrain and tensile testing machine are precision instruments that are often used in our work to measure the construction and mining volume, optimize the mining route, and customize the complete set of solutions for customers from equipment matching to transportation plan, so as to effectively improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and continue to create more value for customers

the whole line of products appeared, showing the hard core strength

Shandong Lingong has always adhered to customer demand-oriented product research and development and service improvement. While consolidating durability, the driver's convenience and comfort as well as the scientific and technological content of products have shown an increasingly high level of research and development and manufacturing. More importantly, in addition to meeting the needs of users for conventional products, Shandong Lingong vigorously develops differentiated products suitable for different working conditions and different needs

at this BMW exhibition, Shandong Lingong will bring a full range of products such as loaders, excavators, and road machinery. Among them, the loader series meets the higher needs of users with new appearance and upgraded quality; Excavators are further extended to cover different scenes; The excavator loader has "versatile" hard skills, and can be configured in a variety of configurations; The road machinery series has better adaptability to working conditions, which brings strong help to the new infrastructure

20 a strong collection of major products can be called a strong lineup in the history of Shandong Lingong exhibition. More importantly, they constitute a finely differentiated, differentiated and customized product system, which can adapt to different working conditions and highlight the product concentration and technical competitiveness of Shandong Lingong

new products need to be released urgently, and the gameplay refresh experience

as another highlight of the audience, Shandong Lingong will launch two new products. They will continue high-quality, high-performance and other family genes, and make breakthroughs in working condition adaptability, economy, environmental protection and other aspects, showing Shandong Lingong's strong R & D and manufacturing strength

in addition to the products and solutions with great attractions, Shandong Lingong will also comprehensively improve the exhibition experience of visitors through a variety of display forms such as domestic and foreign live broadcasts, driverless performances, online exhibitions and online and offline interactions

Shandong Lingong will welcome domestic and foreign customers with a new lineup and a new attitude in exhibition areas B54 and C50 of Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center, and witness the wonderful moments together

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